Industry-first Risk-Free payment terms

Inexperienced buyers are getting ripped off trying to procure PPE on their own to fill critical needs.

Keeping our front line workers safe is of utmost importance. We want end the panic buying and price gouging surrounding PPE procurement, so protective gear is available and affordable.

We’re rolling out a game-changing way to order your PPE without risk.

Offering subscriptions to ensure access to critically needed PPE, aggregating buying power to reduce costs, and now innovating to make ordering risk-free is our way of helping flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Risk-Free payment options for PPE

100% Financing

Fully funded PPE purchase

Our partner is offering 100% financing with low interest terms so you can get your order started without delay.

Pay upon delivery

See it. Touch it.

We offer samples, and you can see your order is right before risking a penny. You pay COD, not FOB.

50% Deposit

Built-in Protection

Subscriptions make each up-front deposit small enough to pay with a corporate credit card. Major credit cards offer purchase protection with a dispute process.

Pay upon delivery

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You don’t pay the balance until we deliver the product.

If you are interested in either of these payment options please let your sales rep know.