ThermalScreen ™ is the brand name of our Infrared Thermal Detection Systems that provide a quick and effective non-contact system for mass fever screening and detecting individuals with an elevated temperature. An elevated temperature is a possible key indicator of an infectious disease like COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Utilizing a thermal imaging camera and what is known as a black body system, ThermalScreens solutions automatically provides audio and visual alerts when a scanned individual temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold when they pass within the systems monitoring field of view. These alerts allow monitoring and operations staff to intervene these individuals and prevent potential cross infections by directing these individuals to a secondary screening area or refusing entry into the facilitates until the reason for their fever is determined by the appropriate medical staff.
Being able to quickly identify individuals with higher body temperatures is key to identifying and isolating potential sick suspects for infection control purposes.

ThermalScreen™ systems are manufactured by a company with over two decades of thermal imaging experience and over a decade of expertise in fever screening technology. Thousands of units have been deployed worldwide to combat previous epidemics around the world including SARS, H1N1 and SARS to name a few.
Our systems include everything needed to be deploy a fever scanning operation at central access points of the facility being including hardware, software, cameras, tripods, computer and monitor.
A key differentiator between ThermalScreen™ and other solutions is the speed in which individuals are screened. In under one second of a subject passing through the field of vision, the system is able to scan and display that individuals temperature and provide a configurable audio visual alert if that persons temperature exceeds a predetermined temperature.
Our ThermalScreen Cabinet CB-01 model includes a moveable cabinet with a built in 21.5 inch monitor and integrated thermal camera that can be quickly deployed without any installation requirements. Simply move the cabinet to any central access point where employees, customers or visitors enter the facilities, and plug it into a wall outlet to begin scanning.
Many other thermal devices being sold in the marketplace were not designed to provide mass fever scanning in the same timeframes of under 1 second in which ThermalScreen™ scans. Delays in scanning time can result in long lines of people waiting to be scanned and bottlenecks at main access points of a facility.
Some competitive solutions only provide the thermal image and do not detect or alert on actual temperature. Some are systems that can only measure temperature variations up to 4 degrees versus our systems which has temperature precision with .02-.03 degrees. Some are handheld systems or software running on smartphones, which can provide unstable measurements based on movement of the instrument.
More importantly, many of these systems are not capable of providing fever scanning from a safe distance. ThermalScreen™ systems can scan an individual from between 16-26 feet away (based on the model selected) providing a safe environment for the ThermalScreen™ operators and monitoring staff.

Thermalscreen optimally functions in stable air temperatures such as an enclosed environment.

ThermalScreen systems contain consist of a thermal imaging camera, a blackbody calibration device, a computer loaded with our body temperature scanning and alerting software and all cables, connectors and power chords.

If the person has a temperature over the default limit configured, the system will generate an audio visual alert and a rectangle on top of the individuals face will also turn red.
An image of the individual on which the system alerted including date and time stamp is automatically saved on the TB storage drives provided. Audio visual alerts can be programmed to include sound and color and can be displayed on the screen as well as sent electronically by email or fax

The THERMALSCREEN CA-01 packaging includes:

  • Computer with software
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Black Body
  • Tripods
  • Power and connector cables

The THERMALSCREEN CA-01 packaging includes:

  • Moveable cabinet including
  • Thermal Imaging Camera holder
  • 21.5” monitor
  • Computer with software
  • Thermal Imaging camera to mount on moveable cabinet holder
  • Black Body
  • Tripod
  • Power and connector cables

ThermalScreen solutions provide a temperature measurement precision of between ±0.2°C – ±0.3°C (based on the model selected) and can detect a temperature variation of 0.05°C in an individual which easily identifies febrile parties.

Yes. Our legal team is pretty adamant that we disclose the following:

  • ThermalScreen™ is not a medical device and is not intended for any diagnosis or clinical measurements and as such, is not subject to FDA approvals.
  • ThermalScreen™ should only to be used to perform a preliminary scan.
  • It is recommended that secondary screening be implemented by users as well as safety protocol procedures designed for ThermalScreen™ operators on how to approach individuals identified to be febrile.
  • Elevated temperatures and fevers can be caused by many things. Just because a person has a fever does NOT mean that they are infected with COVID-19 or other infectious diseases.
  • Likewise, infected individuals may be asymptomatic and not have a fever at the time they are screened. ThermalScreen™ solutions are designed to be utilized as a security measure to insure the safety of employees, visitors and clients alike and should be a part of a facilities security systems much like metal detectors, ID badges and security cameras are used today.