About Us

Thermal Safety Systems is a Florida-based LLC owned and operated by a group of tech company executives. We have been manufacturing, sourcing and shipping from Asia for the past two decades.

We OEM our own line of Thermal Fever Detection Systems and have manufacturers spread across SE Asia.

Having seen the dire need for personal protective equipment (PPE) turn into price gouging and front liners going without adequate protection, we leveraged our experience to look for creative solutions.

What we came up with is not rocket science, but it works…and tremendously well.

We developed an agile-response business model for PPE supply. The concept is simple. By offering guaranteed just-in-time delivery we reduce panic buying.

PPE also dovetails perfectly with our fever scanning systems. This allows us to offer a complete Corona Virus safety solution to Municipal, State, Federal and NGO organizations as well as enterprise customers looking to reopen safely.